Rebecca Blackbyrd

Animal Communication & Energetic Healing

I am an animal communicator and Reiki Master living and working in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I work with clients and their animal companions throughout El Paso County, as well as remotely with others both nationally and internationally.

Using a combination of sympathetic communication and energy work, I help people make conscious, confident decisions for their animal companions during times of transition, illness, and end-of-life.

I also use animal communication to help people connect more deeply to their pets and to celebrate that bond throughoutand afterlife.

"Rebecca Blackbyrd is one of the most gifted animal communicators and energy healers it has been my good fortune to collaborate with. The insights she provided into the complex backgrounds and dynamics of my three-cat household were essential to finding understanding, healing and peace. And the work she did in helping me communicate with and locate a lost and injured cat were nothing short of miraculous. Many friends I have referred to her report similar experiences. Hear Rebecca interviewed on my talk radio show here." -Deborah Jane Wells, Virginia

"I was absolutely amazed by Rebecca's abilities. I knew the moment she had connected with my puppy when her expression changed to exhibit the feeling that Chloe gives you! If my dog could talk, she would sound like and say exactly what Rebecca was getting from her. . . . As she got information about my other animals, it was exactly the same thing: she exhibited the body language of each pet very specifically, along with their feelings. She was so accurate!

I feel so much closer to my animals, now that I know how they feel and what they think. . . . It's also funny to note that Chloe's behavior has since improved--not from anything I have changed, but it has to be because Rebecca talked to her and conveyed my thoughts, and Chloe knows that her needs have been shared as well."  -Aliya, Colorado

"We're convinced that the Reiki and nutritional changes that Rebecca suggested for our 15 year-old Husky have lengthened her life. Mishka's quality of life has improved greatly and she is enjoying her walks again! Rebecca quickly developed a strong connection with our dog and we highly recommend her." -Lori, Denver, Colorado

"Rebecca opened my mind to a way of observing a situation, not just in a given moment, but going back and seeing where it began. I feel a bit relieved because I can see light at the end of the tunnel--things I must do, not just for my four-legged kids, but for myself too."  -Debbie, Indiana

"If it weren't for Rebecca, I don't think we would have had such a happy ending." -Marleen, Denver, Colorado

"Rebecca has provided us with a direct insight into the wants, needs and thoughts of our girls. We have been able to remedy health issues . . . solve issues that we had no idea were troubling them, and help in overcoming fears and behaviors. Rebecca never fails in uncovering the mystery at hand and in doing so, improving all of our lives." -Karen & Bernie, Englewood, Colorado

"What I found amazing was the way in which Rebecca was able to tap into and describe each of our pets' specific personality characteristics. She really had their individual spirits down to a tee. I was absolutely convinced that she had made a real connection with them." -Edel & John, Dublin, Ireland