Rebecca Blackbyrd

Animal Communication & Energetic Healing

I am an animal communicator and Reiki Master living and working in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I work with clients and their animal companions throughout El Paso County, as well as remotely with others both nationally and internationally.

Using a combination of sympathetic communication and energy work, I help people make conscious, confident decisions for their animal companions during times of transition, illness, and end-of-life.

I also use animal communication to help people connect more deeply to their pets and to celebrate that bond throughoutand afterlife.

Benefits of Animal Communication & Energy Work


I am not a veterinarian, nor do I have a background in animal medicine. Therefore I strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian in conjunction with any animal communication sessions and before administering any foods, herbs, supplements, essential oils, or essences that I may suggest.

That said, I have found that animal communication and traditional veterinary medicine can work hand-in-hand. In most situations, communication and energy work enriches the relationships between animal, person, and health care provider(s). It particularly supports animals who have been diagnosed with illnesses from which they can still recover, but require extensive care to do so. It can also help increase the effectiveness of prescribed medications and therapies, mitigate the effects of anesthesia, and shorten healing time. Just as importantly, animal communication can help YOU feel calmer in the face of any illness and confident in the medical decisions you make for your animal companion.

Animal communication can also help to:

• provide clarity in difficult situations, such as if and when euthanasia is best for an ailing animal.

• support both you and your companion when dealing with health problems and aging issues

• find solutions to behavior problems

• make transitions easier (e.g., new house, new baby, new animal companion, etc.)

• identify needs of other companion animals in the house

• get insight from your animal companion into your own life, work, and relationships

• bring FUN into your life