Rebecca Blackbyrd

Animal Communication & Energetic Healing

I am an animal communicator and Reiki Master living and working in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I work with clients and their animal companions throughout El Paso County, as well as remotely with others both nationally and internationally.

Using a combination of sympathetic communication and energy work, I help people make conscious, confident decisions for their animal companions during times of transition, illness, and end-of-life.

I also use animal communication to help people connect more deeply to their pets and to celebrate that bond throughoutand afterlife.


Listen now to my interview with life coach Deborah Jane Wells on her VoiceAmerica radio show:

What Animal Companions Teach Us About Trusting Our Intuition (From April 24, 2013).


I have been practicing animal communication and energy work professionally since October 2004. I developed these skills in 2003 while living on a farm animal sanctuary in northern Colorado.

Through my studies of heart-centered meditation, Reiki, and Perelandra's Medical Assistance Program, I developed tools to help support the sanctuary animals during times of stress, illness, or transition. I began to receive specific physical sensations and intuitive hits about their needs and emotions and one day, I began to literally hear what the animals were saying. From that point on, the rescued animals offered themselves as willing teachers, helping me to trust what I heard and felt.

My Philosophy

The ability to communicate with animals is a gift I have cultivated with the understanding that I am to use it to help animals by strengthening the connection people have with them.

Our relationships with our animals are always very complex and some people tell me that they're afraid of what their companions have to say about them. I say don't worry! The mere fact that you're interested in hearing what your companion has to say means that there's already a positive bond between you. Anything (s)he says will only serve to make your relationship stronger.

Animals may be stressed or angry depending upon what is happening in their household, but with your help and openness, animal communication will address these issues and find ways for both of you to be happier together.

I am always considerate of an animal's boundaries. All communication and energy work is conducted with absolute respect for the animal's highest good.