Rebecca Blackbyrd

Animal Communication & Energetic Healing

I am an animal communicator and Reiki Master living and working in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I work with clients and their animal companions throughout El Paso County, as well as remotely with others both nationally and internationally.

Using a combination of sympathetic communication and energy work, I help people make conscious, confident decisions for their animal companions during times of transition, illness, and end-of-life.

I also use animal communication to help people connect more deeply to their pets and to celebrate that bond throughoutand afterlife.

Animal Communication

The ability to communicate with animals is a gift I have cultivated with the understanding that I am to use it to help animals by strengthening the connection people have with them. 

As of 2017, I am located in Colorado Springs, CO, and offer both in-home and phone animal communication sessions to clients south of Castle Rock, CO. I make trips to visit Denver clients about once a month, and am able to offer phone sessions at all other times.

Regardless of location, my process of communication works the same: First I ask for your permission to connect with your animal companion. Then I focus on the animal's energy and, once I feel a connection, invite him or her to talk with me. Your animal may speak to me in a variety of ways—with words, images, sensations, and emotions—all of which I will share with you. I generally give your animal companion space to speak first about whatever he or she wants, and then ask for your questions as feels appropriate.

Your input is absolutely welcome and essential to a successful session. When you confirm or question (or laugh at) the information I get, you help to ensure that I am interpreting correctly and therefore that your animal's needs are addressed. Because the input from your animal can take us down unexpected paths, I encourage you to make a list of questions before the session so you can get the essential answers you need.

Energy Work

When communication is not enough to solve a behavior or health problem, I utilize two different types of energy work, in conjunction with the communication session, to find a solution.

In a Nature Healing Coning, I work with universal intelligences to gain input and support for the animal on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The animal receives immediate support and I receive concrete guidance (through words, sensations, or images) to do what is in the animal's highest good.

I also use Reiki—a "hands-on" practice in which I invite universal life force energy to pass through me into the animal—to open blocks that cause illness, fear, and emotional rigidity. Reiki can be very effective for animals but it can also be intense. If an animal is uncomfortable with direct Reiki, I am happy to perform distance Reiki—which is just as effective—from my home, after the communication session. Individual Reiki sessions—without the communication session—can be purchased as well.

Custom Ceremonies

I now offer ceremonies for people whose animals have passed, or who are going through the process of transition. Using sacred resins (incense) and essential oils, as well as music, readings, and other items—as requested by the person or the animal—I help people release emotions and energy they may have around their companion’s passing that are no longer serving them. Additionally, during the ceremony I create space for the animal to communicate.

I feel it’s important to give people the safe space to grieve in whatever way they need. Generally our society expects that we move on from death and grief in some kind of scheduled fashion. We tend to feel that we need to “buck up,” that we may wear out our friends if we stay in grief for too long. Sometimes we even take the initiative to deny that grief for fear that if we immerse ourselves in it, the pain will destroy us emotionally. Suppressing grief just makes it stronger—instead it turns into rage and guilt and becomes even more devastating and debilitating when another transition occurs.

Ceremony honors the relationship that animal and person have. It honors the exquisite love one being can have for another and it illuminates the wisdom that can come from grief. Even if the grief isn’t gone after a ceremony (and it rarely is), most people express a feeling of lightness and expansiveness. They have a renewed sense of connection to their animal companion and a deepening of love that feels less painful and more celebratory.

Ceremonies are offered by donation. Please email or call me for further information.